The page has four panels, three small, one large. The first panel shows a winding road in a dark forest, illuminated by sparkly turquoise magic. Narration: If I’m anything in this world, you’d have to say I’m a quitter.
In the second panel a figure appears out of the magic. Narration: I’ve seen a lotta people hurt, plead, pray, wish to get away from where they’re at –
In the third panel, the person is nearly completely materialised on the road. It’s a young white boy with dark curly hair, dressed only in pyjama pants and holding on to a sheet in one hand. Narration: But as far as I can tell I’m the only one who can get that to really happen.
In the fourth, larger panel we see over the boy’s shoulder a trailer with lights spilling out from its windows, and above that the treetops with the last of the evening light just beyond. On the ground is a toppled sun chair and a black plastic bag with bottles and trash. Narration: The ground is damp beneath my feet when I land on the gravel path. I was half asleep in bed a second ago and now I’m back here. My other home.